Benefits of gold for your skin

Throughout history gold has been used in jewelry and cosmetics, from the Egyptians to the Aztec’s gold was believed to have magical properties of youth and vitality.

Gold stimulates collagen and elastin production activating regeneration and speeding cellular processes. The Beauty Face Mask gives your skin
a youthful, ultra smooth, glowing look.

golden facial face maskThe main benefit of gold that is used through skin care products is the ability of the gold to increase the radiance that can be seen through the skin.

The Colloidal Gold within the Beauty Face Mask is dissolved into tiny particles that are suspended within the collagen gel mask so they can be easily absorbed by the skin. In combination with other ingredients within the Beauty face Mask, allows for maximum absorption into the skin.

The Beauty Face Mask, uses only medical grade ingredients that boost as well retain collagen levels that help to offset the process of
aging and increase the appearance of healthy looking skin.

Collagen is an essential component to healthy skin and unfortunately becomes less evident through age, and allows the natural aging process to occur.

Using products like the Beauty Face Mask that contain ingredients to boost as well as retain collagen levels can help to offset the natural process of aging and increase the appearance of healthy and youthful appearing skin.

Although expensive, it has been proven that there have been special effects on the skin from products made of gold.

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