P&P Costs and Shipping Rates

First Class (Shipping Zones by Country) Max. Weight 4000 g

First Class
Starting weightUK & IrelandEuropeRest of the World
0.00 g£1.83£1.90£3.32
100.00 g£2.21£3.04£4.31
260.00 g£2.73£3.96£6.73
500.00 g£3.50£7.96£8.50
1,000.00 g£5.91£11.96£15.00
1,500.00 g£7.43£15.96£27.13
2,000.00 g£9.20£38.00£38.00
4,000.00 g£11.50£45.00£45.00
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Please allow 3-5 Working days for delivery, or a little longer of you are outside of the UK